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CELSA Energy was formed in 2012 to provide the CELSA Group of companies with a focal point through which it can apply its vast range of experience in reinforcing steel development, production and supply in the energy sector and deliver innovative technical reinforcing steel products and solutions which ultimately improve on-site buildability and reduce overall project costs. The group's longevity and experience within the reinforcing sector has ensured plans and strategies are in place to meet requirements to supply 100% of rebar and reinforcing products to all major energy sector projects.

Celsa Energy’s new innovative solutions, tailored to the energy sector, reduce material usage and lead times. Through collaborative working and early engagement they can condense construction programmes resulting in economic benefits for the whole supply chain.

Products we supply into the Energy Sector:

  •   Cut & Bent reinforcing bar
  •   Mesh and fabric supply
  •   Rollmat
  •   Threading & Coupling
  •   Prefabricated reinforcement
  •   Flat bar
  •   Channels
  •   Angles

By delivering steel products through CELSA Group companies who produce steel exclusively in electric arc furnaces, using scrap metal as the raw material for 100% of their products, CELSA Energy is able to offer sustainable steel solutions to complement the goals of a sector striving to replace CO2 intensive energy generation facilities with new, greener energy alternatives. The geographic location of the Group companies operating under the CELSA Energy brand represents a significant strategic and competitive advantage.

Thanks to the upstream integration of the Group, the entire steel recycling process is covered, from the separation and recovery of scrap metal to its transformation once again into steel products using the most sustainable steel production technology. Thus CELSA Group contributes significantly to the preservation of the environment. All our products are manufactured from recycled steel scrap metal and are 100% recyclable.

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